Cerahati operates as one community, that embraces advance technologies, to maintain high level of creativity.

We started out back in 2002 as an art & creative collective with deep passion and desire for multimedia & digital art. Our earlier projects revolved around music and art videos. That background, combined with tons of multimedia production know-how, enables the team to constantly create art-influenced unique products.

In 10 years of its existence, Cerahati has grown into 3 strategic creative units. Cerahati Artwork (movie production), Cerahati Cinehouse (equipment & studio rent), and Cerahati Digital Media.

Cerahati Artwork

Is a division of Movie Production. This is the original Cerahati team.

Cerahati Cinehouse

This is where Movie Production team doing their video editing and rent video equipments.

Cerahati Digital Media

Is where we create digital media campaigns and content distribution.